What to do if you are involved in an auto accident.

Since there are approximately 27,000 accidents in the US every day, we thought we would walk you through what to do if one of those accidents is you!

We will pretend it is somebody else's fault because it usually is, right? ;)

First of all, see if the other party at fault has insurance and get in touch with their Insurance Carrier.

Try to obtain a claim number and an adjusters contact information on who will be handling the claim.

Depending if the car is drivable or not bring it to 1st class auto body for a hassle free, no charge estimate. If we haven't already received authorization from you insurance, we will then get the necessary authorization. We are a Direct Repair Shop for most Insurance Carriers.

If it isn't drivable direct the tow truck driver to drop it off at our shop: 4092 Pacific Highway, Bellingham Wa 98226.

We will book an appointment for your repair and have a rental vehicle waiting on site prior to your arrival. Enterprise Rental has an office on-site in our office. We also coordinate direct billing with the insurance company and Enterprise, saving you the headache and a few extra steps.

We then order any necessary parts for your car. Throughout the repair process you will be receiving electronic updates through text (or however you prefer, email, phone, etc) to communicate.

Once the vehicle is back to its original shiny self, we will notify you to pick up the vehicle and return the rental car to our facility.

Upon completion of your vehicle you can expect it to be freshly detailed with a complete copy of the work order, and lifetime guarantee!


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