Since there are approximately 27,000 accidents in the US every day, we thought we would walk you through what to do if one of those accidents is you!

We will pretend it is somebody else's fault because it usually is, right? ;)

First of all, see if the other party at fault has insurance and get in touch with their Insurance Carrier.

Try to obtain a claim number and an adjusters contact information on who will be handling the claim.

Depending if the car is drivable or not bring it to 1st class auto body for a hassle free, no charge estimate. If we haven't already received authorization from you insurance, we will then get the necessary authorization. We are a Direct Repair Shop for most Insurance ...

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#TESLA has been in the news quite a bit lately. This company, and its cars (soon to be Semi Trucks too) are truly cutting edge (their CEO splits his time and work week between SpaceX building Rockets and Tesla for goodness sake). This car is changing the future of automobiles, and with that comes the future of Auto Body Shops. 1st Class Auto Body is PREPARED and EQUIPPED to fix the Now of automobiles and the Future of Automobiles (even the ones without motors!).

Even though the car and company are sophisticated, this Tesla that we have in our shop in white with blacked out wheels has us reduced to drooling.


We are so grateful for all of the support for our first month open, and are pleased to be looking for another Auto Body Tech! Please email with your resumes and please share!

More to come!

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